Our objective is to support companies with integrating sustainable application security controls in their software development. The selection and introducing of suitable solutions is today more than ever a vital part of this effort.

We therefore provide tools that has proven to us to be suitable for this. We often have many years of practical expierence with integration these solutions in enterprise environments. In addition, we constantly explore the market for new intesting products.

Our solutions are seen in the following diagram in respect to their applicability within the application lifecycle:
secodis solution overview

Chechmarx Veracode Veracode Veracode Contrast Contrast ThreadFix ThreadFix ThreadFix

You will find details on the products pages.


You have questions on one of these products, you are interested in seing it in action within a WebEx session or a free Proof-of Concept within your infrastructure? Than please do not hestitate to contacting our sales team via the form bellow.

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